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August 24, 2009

Summit Health launches new white paper, "Best Practices in On-Site Wellness Series: Guidelines for Choosing a Screening and Flu Shot Vendor"
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August 21, 2009
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Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
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Get An Evaluation of Your Current Health

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire is a tool that gives participants an evaluation of their current health and quality of life. The HRA promotes health awareness by reviewing participants’ personal lifestyle practices and revealing health issues that could be impacted by personal choices.

Summit Health uses an HRA developed by the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center (HMRC). The HRA Questionnaire and Profile (confidential feedback) is available in printed format or online for participants. Click here for information on the HMRC.

Summit Health’s standard process begins with a health screening, where participants are given a form with their biometric results, as well as instructions for completing an online HRA. During the screening, the Summit Health nurse reviews the instructions and answers questions. After the health screening, employees complete the HRA questionnaire online using their biometric results obtained at the health screening.

After completing the HRA, each participant receives a personal Profile Report that recommends healthy behaviors according to age group, gender, and risk level. The Profile Report presents each participant’s three greatest health risk factors and lists resources available to help employees reduce their risks.

HRAs can be integrated with a health screening, or can function as a standalone wellness program. HRAs integrated with a health screening event yield more complete pictures of participants’ health status because lifestyle information is considered along with clinical results (e.g. cholesterol level).

Online HRAs
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Summit Health’s online HRA engages participants with an inviting, private-label entry screen featuring our client’s logo and participant eligibility confirmation. Questionnaires are pre-filled with participants’ biometric data. The biometric information is collected by Summit Health’s clinical staff at screening events and entered onto Scantron informed consent forms. These forms are sent to our corporate office where the data is scanned into our database. Each data field is validated as it is scanned. The biometric data for each participant is then merged with participant eligibility data provided by the client.

To complete their online HRAs, employees go to our Web site ( and enter a client code such as “BHC004”, which directs employees to a private-labeled screen where they enter their name, date of birth, and last four digits of their Social Security number. When eligibility is confirmed, each participant’s personal data and biometric results are securely encrypted and electronically transferred to the University of Michigan HMRC server where they are uploaded to the HRA questionnaire. This transfer to the UM system is transparent to participants. Employees complete their online HRA and print their personal Profile Reports. All data collected on the HRAs is then transmitted back to Summit Health and stored in our database, where it can be used for year-to-year comparisons.

Paper-Based HRAs
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For paper-based HRAs, Summit Health forwards the questionnaires to the client for completion by employees in advance of the health screening. (Extra forms are provided at the health screening for participants who do not bring their completed forms.) The Summit Health administrative staff checks each form to ensure it is complete. Employees are then directed to the health screening station, where a nurse measures and records each participant’s biometric information on his or her form (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, etc.). The Summit Health nurse collects the completed HRAs and consent forms and returns them at the conclusion of the health screening to Summit Health for processing.

At Summit Health, the HRAs are scanned into our computer and used to generate personalized Profile Reports for each employee. Employees normally receive their Profile Reports within 10 days of the health screening event. Summit Health provides a toll-free number for employees to call if they have questions about the HRA or health screening.

At the end of the process, Summit Health provides the client with a summary report that aggregates employees’ HRA results. This graphical report includes, but is not limited to, data on gender, age distribution, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking habits, exercise habits, diabetes and overall heart risks.

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