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August 24, 2009

Summit Health launches new white paper, "Best Practices in On-Site Wellness Series: Guidelines for Choosing a Screening and Flu Shot Vendor"
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August 21, 2009
Learn about the latest breaking news at Summit Health, including recently announced partnerships with top companies around the world.
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Consistent Results Are What We're Known For

Summit Health has a strong focus on quality. At each clinic, a Summit Health staff member is assigned the role of team leader and verifies that all supplies and staff have arrived at the clinic. If staff or supplies are missing, the team leader contacts the local office to make the necessary adjustments. The team leader monitors the clinic volume and calls for additional supplies or staff if needed.

If a participant complaint is received during a clinic, the team leader addresses the situation immediately and takes the necessary corrective action. This corrective action may be incorporated into future clinics as part of Summit Health’s Continuous Improvement Program (CIP).

Summit Health has a dedicated program manager who monitors all the clinics. The program manager contacts site coordinators during clinics to verify the events are meeting customer expectations. The Summit Health program manager attends select clinics to monitor quality.

Each Summit Health team leader is responsible for program quality and oversight for all clinics they support in their area. Each local office will hold an orientation session for the examiners supporting the health screening/flu clinic program. Summit Health requires each office to have a backup plan for each clinic. Each office also has an on-call service that can be notified after hours of an examiner cancellation or clinic change. The on-call coordinator is informed of the cancellation or clinic change and schedules the backup examiner for the clinic. This office also fields any questions about individual examiners or procedures associated with health screening/flu clinics. Any improvement opportunities identified for the program are communicated to examiners by this office.

Selection of Staff
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Summit Health staffs our health screening events with qualified and trained personnel. New hires go through a rigorous background check and comprehensive week of training. Each staff member also receives training prior to each event.

All applicants are carefully screened and must meet the following requirements for employment:

  1. Signed application with complete job history
  2. Criminal background check
  3. Two years of work experience
  4. Meets experience requirements as specifically defined by the client
  5. Documentation of legal right to work in the United States
  6. Primary source verification of a current active and unrestricted license, certificate or registration
  7. A minimum of two professional references verifying most current work experiences
  8. Current and valid BCLS certification and other certifications as required by the job description or the contracting client
  9. Completed appropriate Skills Checklist
  10. Face-to-face interview

Summit Health ensures the quality of screenings through the following steps:

  1. Staff selected on experience, licensing, education, and certification
  2. Extensive training by local office
    • In-service training led by Summit Health, including hands-on training
      with equipment, augmented by videos
    • Web-based training
    • Staff are required to review client-customized Summit Health procedure
    • Staff are required to take online test and pass with a rating of 90 percent
      or higher
  3. Set up, screening, and tear down checklists followed at each event
  4. Equipment quality-controlled prior to shipment, at local office, and then calibrated on-site, With a quality control log maintained for each piece of equipment
  5. Team leader monitors quality during the event, taking corrective actions as required
  6. Screening protocol includes biometric results coaching script and national guidelines
  7. An electronic satisfaction survey is sent to the client site coordinator

Three times a year Summit Health undergoes a proficiency test through a national laboratory. This involves receiving blood samples for testing our portable analyzers. Summit Health submits our cholesterol and diabetes screening results to the laboratory for verification. In the last year, Summit Health has scored a perfect, 100 percent proficiency rating on our last two challenges.

All Summit Health offices provide their staff with on-site orientation and general training. For each Summit Health event, our nurses receive a procedures manual, customized for each health screening clinic. Summit Health is in the process of developing Web-based training for our staff. In addition to the manual, the nurses are trained at the local Summit Health office by a training supervisor on procedures and certified on equipment prior to clinics. A majority of the Summit Health staff are very experienced in conducting cholesterol and diabetes screenings.

Our equipment undergoes quality control at the following three levels before use:

  1. Each piece of equipment undergoes quality assurance (QA) testing at our distribution center prior to being shipped to our local office. The QA values are recorded on a log for each machine.
  2. Local offices conduct QA testing on all equipment when it is received.
  3. A final QA check is conducted at screening sites prior to the start of clinics.

If a piece of equipment does not pass QA testing, it is returned to the manufacturer for replacement.

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