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August 24, 2009

Summit Health launches new white paper, "Best Practices in On-Site Wellness Series: Guidelines for Choosing a Screening and Flu Shot Vendor"
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August 21, 2009
Learn about the latest breaking news at Summit Health, including recently announced partnerships with top companies around the world.
Coaching With Healthy Heart Package
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It All Starts With A Healthy Heart

The non-fasting Healthy Heart Screening program requires each employee to provide a small blood sample from a finger stick performed by Summit Health screening staff. The finger stick provides each participant with results for:

    1. Total cholesterol
    2. HDL (good cholesterol)
    3. Coronary risk ratio
    4. Diabetes/glucose screening
    5. Blood pressure and pulse rate screening
    6. Body mass index (BMI)

The fasting Healthy Heart Screening program, which also requires a finger stick, provides the same results with two additional biometric measurements:

    7. LDL (bad cholesterol)
    8. Triglycerides

Click here to see details of the Healthy Heart Screening Program.

Results Handout
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With both the non-fasting and fasting finger stick programs, participants receive their results at the health screening. Summit Health professionals review results with individual participants during the fifteen minute health screening. Participants receive a counseling brochure that shows their individual results as well as national guidelines for comparison.

  • Click here for the Results Handout. PDF
  • Click here to view a coaching for screening results video. Video

Coaching Guide
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Summit Health has developed a guide for staff to follow when reviewing Healthy Heart results with participants. To ensure consistency and accuracy when coaching participants, staff is trained to use the guide prior to each screening event. The guide provides the following scripts:

  • What is being measured and what each measure means
  • How to show participants where their results fall using the counseling brochure
  • Possible explanations for results that fall outside of the normal range
  • An explanation of health risks that can arise when results are outside of the normal range
  • Behavior changes that participants can make to reduce health risks

Click here to see a sample coaching guide. PDF
Click here to view a coach training video for Health Heart Package Video

Medical Referral Process
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Our staff has referral guidelines for use with employees whose biometric results exceed recommended levels. These employees are asked to sign a commitment to share their screening results with their primary care physician (PCP). To monitor compliance, Summit Health is able to follow up with employees and/or fax results to their PCPs.

If during a screening, an employee is found to have blood pressure or glucose levels that are dangerously high, the screening team will determine to whom he or she should be referred immediately. These referrals may be made to:

    a) An on-site occupational health physician, if available
    b) A Summit Health medical director via telephone conference call
    c) A primary care physician
    d) The nearest emergency room

Click here to view the Immediate Referral Form.PDF
Click here to view the training video for the Medical Referral Process.Video

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