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August 24, 2009

Summit Health launches new white paper, "Best Practices in On-Site Wellness Series: Guidelines for Choosing a Screening and Flu Shot Vendor"
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August 21, 2009
Learn about the latest breaking news at Summit Health, including recently announced partnerships with top companies around the world.
Body Composition
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Simple, Quick, and Noninvasive Technology

SummitBioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a widely-used method to estimate body composition. The technology is relatively simple, quick, and noninvasive. BIA is currently used in diverse settings, including private clinicians' offices, health clubs, and hospitals, across a spectrum of ages, body weights, and disease states. The BIA determines the electrical impedance of body tissues, which provides an estimate of total body water (TBW). Using these values of TBW derived from BIA, fat-free mass (FFM) and body fat may be estimated.

The Omron Bodylogic Body Fat Analyzer calculates results in just ten seconds. Participants begin by standing with their feet slightly apart. Their personal data is entered into the machine. Body fat percentage and BMI measurements are displayed on a large digital panel.

A Summit Health professional review the results with each participant, who receives a results sheet with his or her body fat percentage and BMI.

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