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What is “E-Couch” and “MoodGYM?”

E-Couch and MoodGYM are non-SMG websites that provides free self-help interactive cognitive behavioral therapy program for anxiety (E-Couch) and depression (MoodGYM) offered thru the National Institute for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University. This is an option to patients who would prefer a self-help approach and/or to accommodate patients currently awaiting a new patient visit.

What will you see and learn when you go to the web-sites?

E-couch and Mood Gym:

  • Provides free, self-help modules for depression, general anxiety and social anxiety, as well as for divorce/separation and loss/bereavement.   
  • Provides tool-kits that teach skills drawn from a range of evidence-based therapies.  
  • Will ask a number of questionnaires and scales about how you are feeling.
  • Provides tailored relevant information about stress, anxiety and depression based on your answers.
  • Provides feedback about areas of vulnerabilities
  • Matches your areas of vulnerability with recommends for specific modules to help one learn strategies for symptom improvement, self-management and wellness

None of the information on these websites are a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment by an appropriate health professional.