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August 24, 2009

Summit Health launches new white paper, "Best Practices in On-Site Wellness Series: Guidelines for Choosing a Screening and Flu Shot Vendor"
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August 21, 2009
Learn about the latest breaking news at Summit Health, including recently announced partnerships with top companies around the world.
About Summit Health
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Worksite Wellness

For over ten years, Summit Health has been helping employers and health plans control and reduce their health care costs by providing worksite wellness services for employees and health plan members. Our approach is to provide on-site wellness programs and client support systems that meet or exceed our clients? expectations and increase the health of their populations. We work with our client organizations to develop a custom wellness program to achieve their goals, thus helping them realize a better ROI on their wellness investments. We do this more effectively than any other worksite wellness provider because of our:

  • Complete Program Management ? Summit Health provides turnkey programs that minimize the time and effort our clients must invest. A key to our program success is our ?single point of contact? program managers, who are assigned to work with clients from program conception through execution. Our program managers work with clients to understand their goals and customize the program based on this input to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • Superior Nationwide Network ? Summit Health has a solid national network of more than 6,000 highly trained and proficient employees. Summit Health?s hiring standards, background and reference checks, and comprehensive training programs are the highest-rated in the industry. Each staff member signs a professional code of conduct and confidentiality agreement and adheres to a strict dress code, which includes a Summit Health lab coat, name badge, black pants and black shoes.

  • Unparalleled Participant Experience ? The better the experience of each participant, the more likely he or she will be to make positive lifestyle changes that reduce health care costs. A positive participant experience starts with Summit Health?s proprietary online appointment system and continues through health screening and counseling, which are completed at a single station by a Summit Health staff member.

  • Data and Claims Expertise ? We have built our own flexible, compatible, and secure solutions for collection, secure transmission and reporting of participant information. Summit Health works with all major health plans to bill our services through claims and defined CPT codes. These claims are submitted electronically through a central clearinghouse and managed by the Summit Health proprietary claims system. Summit Health also works with the leading disease management, health risk assessment, and wellness companies. These relationships allow Summit Health to support any legacy or new wellness organization our clients may have chosen. Summit Health provides a true plug-and-play option for our clients. You can switch health plans, change your HRA, or engage another disease management vendor, but keep Summit Health as your worksite wellness provider.

  • Regulatory and Quality Compliance ? Summit Health is the only provider to meet the regulatory requirements for on-site CLIA-waived health screenings and immunizations in all 50 states. Summit Health?s regulatory and legal department, along with our laboratory

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Wellness Solutions
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Summit Health combines advanced client support and operational systems with clinical expertise to deliver wellness solutions that produce value for our clients. We specialize in three areas: immunizations programs, on-site health programs, and health maintenance programs.

1. Immunization services - Summit Health is the leading provider of community-based influenza and pneumonia immunizations in the United States. Venues include employer worksites, retail stores, malls, and other general public locations. Summit Health also provides immunizations for hepatitis, tetanus/diphtheria (Td), HPV, meningitis, influenza, shingles, pneumonia, rabies and travel vaccinations.

2. On-site Health Services - Summit Health provides health screenings at corporate locations, retail stores, and general public venues around the country. These convenient screenings allow individuals, employers, and insurers the opportunity to obtain low-cost services while addressing preventive healthcare needs.

  • Comprehensive on-site health screenings including clinical measurements (e.g. blood pressure), laboratory blood analyses (e.g. nicotine, PSA), finger stick or venipuncture cholesterol screenings (both fasting and non-fasting), and more. Summit Health offers the largest selection of screenings in the industry.
  • Health education is delivered in person at the worksite or remotely by webinar and can be a stand-alone event, in conjunction with an onsite screening clinic, or built into a comprehensive calendar of other wellness initiatives. Summit Health has over 18 high-quality health education seminars.
  • Mobile Executive Screenings for busy corporate executives, which include high-end health screenings, lab tests, and extensive consultation with a Summit Health physician.
  • Educational displays to supplement health screenings and educational seminars.
  • Clinical Trials. Summit Health conducts community-based health screenings to identify individuals who qualify to participate in pharmaceutical clinical trials.

3. Health Management Services - Health Management Services provide an increased return on investment by improving participant engagement rates and strategic consultation:

  • Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) that combine lifestyle, medical history, and clinical and laboratory test results to identify prevalent health risks and offer valuable insight into an individual?s overall health status.
  • Health Coaching conducted on-site or telephonically by Summit Health medical staff on health screening and HRA results.
  • Educational materials that include a variety of colorful and informative tri-fold handouts are available for distribution during the important ?teachable moment? when the participant is receiving his or her on-site test results. The educational handouts are printed on heavyweight stock for durability.
  • Medical benefits-integrated incentives are financial incentives that are typically incorporated into the insurance premium structure (payroll deduction amount) for all employees and, in some cases, for spouse premiums (if included in the program).
  • Wellness consulting service provided by Summit Health at the end of a health screening or health risk assessment program, designed to give company executives an overview of the program results and recommendations of follow-on wellness initiatives that will continue to drive down healthcare costs while increasing employee productivity.

Program Integration & Population-Based Management
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The most effective wellness initiatives consist of a seamless program of health screenings, immunizations, health risk assessments, lifestyle coaching, and disease management. As the nation?s leading provider of on-site health screening and immunization programs, Summit Health is your partner for population-based health management.

Over the last three years, Summit Health, Inc. has provided on-site services to over three million people through 55,000 on-site screening and immunization clinics conducted across all 50 States and Puerto Rico. Summit Health?s solid network of over 6,000 staff covers all zip codes within the United States. Summit Health supports over 53 million lives when the employees and dependents of our direct client base of Fortune 500 companies (Merck, GSK, Home Depot, Lowe?s) and the self-insured employer groups of Aetna, CIGNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield (26 plans), Kaiser Permanente, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare are taken in aggregate. Our partnerships and ability to integrate with the nation?s largest disease and lifestyle management firms give our customers the seamless, high-touch, and high-quality population-based health management that is so important for long-term employee engagement and return on wellness investment.

At Summit Health, we understand how essential it is for an organization to be able to report and analyze the data from all their wellness programs in a single integrated database. Every managed care or disease management customer we work with requires data integration with their existing wellness programs and extensive IT interchanges. We provide secure transmission of biometric data, single sign-on eligibility for online appointments and HRAs, claims reimbursement services, and Customer Executive Interface Portals for ordering services and viewing reports. Summit Health provides a true plug-and-play option for our clients.

Summit Health services provide the foundation for the population-based management strategy used by payers and employers to identify the health risks of their populations, and develop targeted health interventions needed to control clinical costs and improve employee productivity. Our wellness services are the operational link between assessment of health risks and employee engagement in subsequent health maintenance and disease management programs.

As shown in the diagram below, our screening programs are the engine that drives risk identification and stratification, enrollment into lifestyle and disease management programs, and continued engagement in those programs.

Track 1 represents the population-based management process driven by Summit Health?s screening services, together with our integration into the downstream health management programs of our health plan and disease management partners. These programs efficiently and effectively link whole populations to the resources and people who can improve and sustain their health before diseases develop into catastrophic situations.

Track 2 represents the traditional reactive strategy where historical claims drive disease management aimed only at a few percent of the population using the highest cost of health care. Track 2 does not preemptively identify and improve the health of the vast majority to prevent future health care claims.

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In Track 1 (the Summit Health Solution), the main sources of data are health screening results, health risk appraisal results, and other available measures such as participation in flu shot programs. The results from the health screening and health risk assessment allow us to identify an individual before a catastrophic event so we can guide their enrollment into a lifestyle or disease management program.

When the client engages Summit Health company-wide, its entire population is then targeted for various levels of intervention depending upon their identified risk status. Summit Health stratifies each participant according to health risks and provides the on-site biometric counseling so critical to engaging the participant in a health improvement process.

After being stratified into low-, medium-, or high-risk categories, Summit Health guides participants into targeted services appropriate for their level of risk. High-risk employees and those with out-of-range values are referred to a physician for confirmation of their health status, and those who are eligible are routed to disease management programs. Summit Health also engages the very important low- and medium-risk employees through on-site counseling, prevention education, and encouragement to join lifestyle and health maintenance programs offered by the employer or health plan.

All employees, regardless of risk, are offered on-site ?Lunch and Learn? education programs on a variety of targeted topics that support risk reduction. Summit Health provides a spectrum of informative and attractive self-care guides and other educational materials that can be distributed across the entire population. Engagement is measured by level of participation in lifestyle programs, health maintenance programs, and on-site group education programs.

In Track 2 (Traditional Industry Solution), the main source of data is retrospective health care claims data. Stratification software identifies at-risk populations for targeted diseases. Only these high-risk participants are enrolled into disease management programs, where engagement is measured by their participation in disease management initiatives. The shortcoming of Track 2 is that an employee cannot be identified for a disease management or case management program until a claim for treatment is already processed. This leads to a significant delay in identifying and mitigating an individual?s health risks and is an opportunity cost for the employer.

Summit Health?s Mission Statement
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Summit Health is dedicated to providing convenient, economical, and high quality on-site health and wellness services to employer groups and consumers nationwide. With our strong commitment to customer satisfaction and our emphasis on quality of care, we provide excellent services that positively influence healthy lifestyle choices and lower health care costs.

Operating Principles
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Operating Principles are the essential and enduring tenets of our organization. Our core values do not change over time.

Summit Health?s Operating Principles are:

  • Integrity: We act openly and truthfully in all we do and fully comply with federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Compassion: We care about the needs of others.
  • Customer Focus: We value long-term relationships and are committed to listening to, respecting, and responding to each customer?s specific needs.
  • Innovation: We find solutions and are resourceful in meeting customers? needs.

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