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 Welcome to Summit Health

A more connected
kind of care is here.

It’s been a challenging year. One that’s raised the bar for health services. Even before 2020 we were asking how we could be better. More responsive. More relevant.

Introducing Summit Health -- a more connected and responsive range of services in which every patient has access to the complete care their lives deserve and their lifestyle demands.

Summit Health is the combined strength and unified vision of Summit Medical Group and CityMD, which means:

Summit Health will be our new corporate identity for the many initiatives we have underway

Summit Health will replace the name of Summit Medical Group, our multi-specialty physician group

CityMD's name and services will remain unchanged, continuing to offer critical urgent care services as an integral part of the Summit Health network

The introduction of Summit Health is about more than just a new name or logo. It brings unity and focus to how our operations will enable our collective purpose:

To deliver an enlightening, compassionate, and connected experience that empowers patients and improves outcomes.


At Summit Health, we’re here to simplify health care for our patients by offering:

The network they need

Centralizing scheduling and comprehensive care in one convenient location makes it easier for patients to get—and providers to give—their very best care.

The continuity they want

Our integrated teams of physicians and compassionate staff are empowered to make informed, timely, and coordinated health care solutions tailored to each patient.

The clinical excellence they deserve

We aim to exceed the expectations of our patients (and their caregivers) with unparalleled, state-of-the-art care regardless of scale or duration.

The result is health care that’s more compassionate, considerate, and human. It’s what we call

a more connected
kind of care.

Over the course of the next year, you’ll begin seeing the transformation as we roll out plan. There’s a lot of excitement ahead. In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about Summit Health:

Welcome to Summit Health