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Summit Health and CityMD have worked as one care team since 2019, and we’ve continued to grow and serve our patients since then. 

Now, we’re re-launching our brands under a new, connected look and feel. It represents the commitment we share to our patients and communities, and our promise to provide the best care possible to everyone who walks through our doors.

Even as our look changes, you can always count on us for the care you need. Our team across Summit Health will still deliver the primary and specialty care you trust, and our CityMD team will still be there for urgent care any time you need it. We'll simply be more connected, so your experience is easier. We're excited to begin this new chapter with you!

Summit Health and CityMD are one care team.

Whether you need care right now or for a lifetime, we’re here with the urgent, primary, and specialty care you need.


    Summit Health Primary and specialty care 

Primary and specialty care                       

Summit Health offers multispecialty care — from allergists and orthopedists to primary care physicians and pediatricians - to support you throughout every step of your care journey. Summit Health’s care is directly connected to your CityMD experience, ensuring that no matter what door you walk in, we’ll have your history handy.

CityMD Urgent Care


Urgent Care     

CityMD offers urgent care that connects to your Summit Health doctors. You can walk in and get care, when you need it, from part of the team you already know. CityMD has 150+ locations, and many are open nights and weekends — because sometimes quality care can’t wait. Just walk in. CityMD can help.     

Patient FAQs:

Why am I seeing Summit Health and CityMD together? ​​

Summit Health and CityMD are part of the same organization, with one care team working together to give you high-quality, accessible care. We’ve recently refreshed our brands to showcase that connection.

What do the changes to Summit Health and CityMD mean for me?

If you're a patient of ours, nothing has changed about your care, billing, or insurance coverage. Our app and patient portal are also still the digital tools you will use to manage your care.

We made these brand updates to emphasize that your local Summit Health facility and neighborhood CityMD urgent care are part of one care team. No matter what happens, you can feel confident coming to us for any health care needs you may have. You’ll see the rest of these ongoing brand updates implemented over the next few months, along with some improvements to make your experience with Summit Health and CityMD even easier.

Will Summit Health urgent care centers change its name?

In most cases, non-CityMD urgent care locations will eventually become CityMD. At each location, we're evaluating the patient experience and making updates to align it with the existing CityMD experience. Once that process is complete, we will change over each location to the CityMD brand.

Where can I find a Summit Health doctor or CityMD urgent care near me? 

You can find all of our Summit Health providers here and CityMD locations here.