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How to Improve Gut Health: Essential Tips and Techniques

With Summit Health, you can learn essential tips and techniques for improving your gut health. Discover the importance of a balanced diet, staying hydrated and more.

What You Need to Know About Sinus Infections: Myth. vs. Fact

Discover the truth about sinus infections to help you better understand and manage them with insights from Stephan Warman, MD, an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Summit Health

Headaches in Children: What Parents Should Know

Headaches in children are common and rising due to COVID and screen time. Learn more about headaches in children and what to do to help with Summit Health pediatric neurologists.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Injections? Q&A with a Physiatrist

Explore the benefits and applications of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections in our detailed Q&A with Summit Health physiatrist Gerard D’Onofrio, MD.

Time for Your Colonoscopy? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Join us for an informative Q&A with Summit Health’s colorectal surgeon, Dr. David Hong, DO, as he discusses everything you need to know about colonoscopies

Clocking Vertigo: How Long Does Vertigo Last?

Explore the nuances of vertigo, including its causes, duration, and treatment. Learn how Summit Health’s Ear Specialty Center can help manage this disorienting condition

Beating Pericarditis: Strategies for Relief and Recovery

Discover effective strategies for managing pericarditis. Learn about the causes, what to avoid if you have pericarditis, and how Summit Health's cardiology experts provide personalized care and treatment.

How to Talk About Mental Health with Your Primary Care Provider

Talking about mental health with your primary care doctor is an important step in managing your overall well-being. At Summit Health, we understand that discussing your mental health may seem...

Sciatica Stretches: Ease Pain and Improve Mobility

Discover effective sciatica stretches to ease pain and enhance mobility with our comprehensive guide. Learn the best stretches, how to perform them correctly, and how Summit Health's approach can help...

Kidneys in Focus: Understanding the World of Nephrology

Dive into Summit Health nephrology with our guide. Learn about nephrology, common kidney diseases, diagnostic methods, and how Summit Health’s nephrologists can help maintain good kidney health.