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“Vampire Facials” – A New Cosmetic Enhancement

Vampire facials are minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements that combine microneedling and PRP. Learn more about the benefits of vampire facials.

Why is RSV on the Rise? What Parents Should Know

RSV, a common respiratory illness that is the leading cause of hospitalization among infants, has been on the rise in the U.S. for several months now.

What are Skin Tags? Q&A with a Dermatologist

Skin tags are harmless growths resulting from collagen fibers lodged in thicker skin areas. Learn more about skin tags with Clifton, New Jersey, dermatologist Hee J. Koh, MD.

10 Ways to Keep Your Spine Happy

Taking care of your spine is crucial, and there are some easy ways to do so. Explore ten ways to improve spine health with Bridgewater, New Jersey spine specialist Elizabeth...

Swollen Lymph Nodes: What They Mean for Better or Worse

Lymph nodes are kidney-shaped glands that help your body fight off illness and disease. Learn more about lymph nodes, what happens when your lymph nodes swell, and more.

Colonoscopy Remains Proven Gold Standard: Do Not Delay Your Screening

"Colonoscopy remains the proven gold standard. There are numerous concerns with the way data was collected and presented in this study,” explains Roger Klein, MD, chair of gastroenterology at Summit...

Nurse Navigation: A Guide Through Oncology Care

When diagnosed with cancer, Summit Health patient Bekki Martin received invaluable cancer care from Summit Health nurse navigator, Karen Loewen, RN. Learn more about Bekki's story and nurse navigation.

Substance Abuse Program Offers Services for Any Stage of Recovery

The pandemic has left many of us more stressed than ever. That includes people suffering from substance abuse. Learn more about how to help with substance abuse with the Summit...

10 Tips for Improving Your Health Literacy

Health literacy is the ability to discern health information for yourself or others. Learn more about health literacy and how it helps patients with Warren, New Jersey internist Manuela Hamaoui...

ADHD in Children: Steps for Getting Answers and Support

ADHD is a chronic behavior that makes certain behaviors difficult to engage with. Learn more about ADHD, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and more with Warren, New Jersey pediatric neurologist, Leonid Topper, MD.