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How To Manage Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Learning how to manage your condition is critical when you have diabetes. One of the most important ways to keep tabs on your health is to check your blood sugar...

A Parent’s Guide to Common Pediatric Rashes

Allergic reactions. Viruses. Sun exposure. There are dozens of reasons why your child may suddenly break out in a rash. These outbreaks of bumps, hives, redness, or scaly areas on...

How Are Oral Health and Overall Health Connected?

The health of your teeth, gums, and mouth impacts more than your smile. In fact, oral health provides clues about your overall health. Learn more about the connection between the...

You Don't Need to Suffer from Spring Allergies

Seasonal allergies aren’t something you simply have to accept. There are plenty of treatment options, explains Rebecca Friess, MD, an allergist and immunologist who works out of Summit Health’s 1...

Keep Your Feet Warm, Dry, and Comfortable This Season

In an article on, Marco Ucciferri, DPM, FACFAS, a Summit Health podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon, guides readers on what to look for in waterproof shoes for spring.

Could My Hair Loss Be Alopecia?

There are many reasons why hair loss occurs, from hormones to natural aging and genetics. If you notice bald spots about the size of a coin or are losing a...

Dialysis: A Lifesaving Treatment for Kidney Disease

The kidneys have several important jobs. The bean-shaped organs that come in a set clean our blood, filter waste, and get rid of excess fluid.

Poison Risks and Safety Tips Your Family Should Know

As winter comes to an end, your to-do list may include some customary spring cleaning.

The Challenges of Treating Rare Diseases

Living with a rare disease can be extremely difficult and isolating.

Four Things to Know About Blood Transfusions

Getting a blood transfusion probably isn't something you think about every day.