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What to do Right After an Injury

Orthopedic injuries like strains, tears, fractures, and sprains are painful. Learn the difference between these orthopedic injuries and when to see a doctor.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: How CityMD Can Help

STIs are common yet serious, so it's crucial not to ignore potential STI symptoms. Learn more about STIs with emergency medicine specialist Jack Liu, MD, and treat STIs at CityMD.

Recognizing Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

Known as the silent killer, high blood pressure or hypertension usually shows no symptoms. Learn more about possible hypertension symptoms, optimal blood pressure numbers, and preventing high blood pressure.

Fevers in Adults: What You Should Know

Feed a cold, starve a fever? While that adage has long been debunked, here’s how to lower your fever at home – and when you should see a doctor.

Why is Breast Density Important?

Get answers to your questions about breast density with Summit Health's comprehensive FAQs. Learn about risk factors and when to get a mammogram.

Wellness Spotlight: Lunges and Hip Extension Stretch

Summit Health physical therapist, Thomas Ferrick, DPT, shares a lower extremity strength and flexibility exercise that you can do at home to keep your muscles strong and increase your range...

Sensory Processing Disorder in Kids: What is SPD?

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects how the brain processes stimuli, causing severe discomfort. Is SPD autism? How do you treat SPD? Learn all about SPD with pediatric neurologist Leonid Topper...

Are You Stressed Out? Pause for a Moment. Take a Deep Breath… and Try Our Coping Tips.

Stress can affect anyone for numerous reasons. Learn about stress triggers, good stress, and stress management with New Providence cognitive behavior specialist Nicole Swain.

Q&A with a Podiatrist: Oh, my Aching Feet! Could you Have Flat Feet?

Flat feet occur when an entire sole touches the ground. Learn about flat feet and flat feet symptoms with Montclair, New Jersey, podiatrist Amanda Siegel, DPM.

What Causes an Enlarged Heart?

An enlarged heart is when the heart appears larger than normal on an imaging test. See what causes an enlarged heart, its symptoms, and how to treat it with Summit...