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Summit Health Sponsorship and Donation Guidelines

Summit Health sponsors a select number of organizations and activities each year that are strongly aligned with our mission, vision, core values and areas of focus.


  • Fill out the form below and submit along with all supporting materials and documentation.
  • All sponsorship requests are to be made at least 120 days prior to the event or deadline.
  • Submissions are received and evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • Due to availability of funds, requests may be denied even if they meet the listed criteria.


To reshape healthcare through the power of connection.

  • Connection is what makes us different at Summit Health and CityMD.
  • Connecting patient to provider for the best quality care.
  • Connecting provider to provider for a seamless patient journey.
  • Connecting to every individual as a person, not just a patient, visitor or coworker.
  • Connecting strongly to communities as we expand access to this unique care model.


We are building healthier, kinder communities.


Kindness, excellence, empathy, respect and integrity. 

  • We treat every patient and each other with the same kindness, empathy and respect we would want for ourselves or families.
  • We strive for excellence in every encoun­ter, from patient care to support services.
  • We act with integrity, building trust by putting patients first while being excellent stewards of company resources.
  • We focus on creating connection, coordinating care and delivering a seamless patient experience through our team-based approach.

Our Commitment

As active participants in the communities we serve, Summit Health supports, participates in and is dedicated to a variety of charitable and non-profit organizations. We are committed to the welfare of people in all stages and walks of life. It shows in our activities, our sponsorships and the time, treasure and talent our employees give as volunteers, board members and donors.

Sponsorship is defined as direct financial or in-kind support for special events and partnerships, including support for activities which benefit the local communities that we serve.

We support the communities we serve in two main areas.

Promoting Health & Wellness

  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
  • Seminars, Community Lectures and Support Groups
  • Corporate Health Education Initiatives

Empowering people to take responsibility for their own healthcare is imperative. When people are more knowledgeable about their health, they make better choices which benefit them long term. Summit Health endorses many programs that educate and encourage people of all ages to live healthier lives by giving them tools necessary to make informed healthcare decisions.

Encouraging Active Lifestyles

  • Sporting Events
  • Recreational Activities
  • Fitness Programs

It is important that individuals and families of all generations maintain active and healthy lifestyles through physical activity as well as community engagement. By supporting community health programs, sporting events, recreational activities, we hope to create greater community awareness of, and improved access to activities which lead to living healthier lives.


Requests must support one or more of Summit Health’s service areas. The event/activity must involve health and wellness that leads to community benefit, health improvement or education.

Sponsorship support will be considered for health-related events and activities that meet the following criteria:

  • Provide direct health-related benefit within Summit Health’s service area
  • Are consistent with Summit Health’s mission, vision and strategic objectives
  • The group, program or event should reflect positively on Summit Health and its related entities
  • The requesting organization and event must reflect positively on Summit Health and must provide appropriate visibility and value-added opportunities for Summit Health, such as logo placement, banners, public service announcements or speaker opportunities
  • Provide positive public awareness of Summit Health and its services
  • Schools and neighborhood organizations in geographic proximity to our facilities or within our primary service area
  • Sponsorship of a national organization must focus on a local or regional event

Contributions also may include non-financial services, such as staff time, meeting space and other indirect resources for projects and activities that are consistent with our giving priorities.

Summit Health must approve in advance the use of Summit Health’s name, logo and language when used by a sponsor in relationship to the sponsorship agreement.

To facilitate our thorough sponsorship review process, we ask that each organization submit only one sponsorship request per fiscal year. Because we will not accept multiple sponsorship requests from the same organization, we ask that you look at your sponsorship needs as a comprehensive, single request for support.


Contact Information

Which service category best describes your organization?
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