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Our grateful patient, Jennifer, has a message for you: do not put off your colonoscopy. She almost canceled the routine screening test that led to her early colon cancer diagnosis.

If Jennifer had put off the screening, her outcome could have been very different. “Go and schedule it right now,” she says.

Watch her powerful and inspiring story. Learn more about Jennifer’s journey and the expert care she received with Konika Bose, MD, a gastroenterologist at Summit Health.

Colonoscopy: Facts You Should Know 

Colonoscopy continues to be the best way to detect and prevent colorectal cancer.

  • A colonoscopy can detect and remove polyps before they become cancerous. 
  • In addition to polyps, colonoscopy can detect cancers in the early stages when it is fully curable. 
  • Screening should begin at age 45, or earlier in those with family or medical history. Consult with your doctor about what is right for you.
Grateful Patient Story: Colorectal Cancer