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Sneaky Summer Skin Infections at the Gym or Pool

Avoid skin infections with our expert tips for staying safe and clean this summer with Summit Health dermatologist Jenna Presto, MD.

Summer Isn’t Always Carefree: Preventing Pediatric Sports Injuries

Summer fun brings with it the possibility of kids' sports injuries. Learn more about common sports injuries and how to protect your children.

Having a Heat Wave: How to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses

Heat-related illnesses, like heat exhaustion, happen when the body overheats after exposure to high temperatures. Learn more about heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Summer Safety Tips for Kids

School's almost out. That means your kids will be biking, swimming, and more. See how to keep kids safe with summer safety tips.

Mosquito- and Tick-borne Illnesses: What You Need to Know

For mosquitoes and ticks, summer means one thing: lots of bare human skin to bite. And with more bites come more opportunities for them to spread the illnesses they carry...

Keep Your Summer Safe and Healthy

Summer is around the corner and so are all the outdoor activities that come with it, like hiking wildflower-studded trails, puttering around in the garden, going on picnics, and taking...

The Most Common Sun Irritations (And How To Treat Them)

Being under the sun and in the great outdoors in summer can cause all sorts of problems for your skin. Here's a rundown on the most common summer skin irritations...

The Summer Safety Tips You Need to Know

Summer has arrived and we're finally able to venture out of the house (responsibly, of course) to relax outdoors. But, as fun as summer can be, the season does carry...

How to Safely Remove a Tick from Your Body

With summer in full swing, chances are that you'll be spending more time outside hiking, having picnics, or even camping. But despite its beauty, nature also brings with it some...

CDC Issues Guidelines for Public Pools During COVID-19

While we await word on whether community pools will open, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidelines and considerations for public pools and other aquatic facilities...

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