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It’s Time to Get Your Flu Shot

Flu season will be here soon — and now is the perfect time to come in and get your yearly vaccine. Make an appointment with your physician at Summit Health...

Have Questions About COVID-19 and RSV Immunizations? We Have Answers.

Cold, flu, and RSV season is here — and that means it is time to protect yourself against the viruses that are going around. You probably know it is important...

What Parents Need to Know About the Tylenol and Motrin Shortage

Flu season, mixed with outbreaks of RSV and COVID-19, make parents' jobs difficult. Especially with a Tylenol and Motrin shortage. Learn more about this nationwide shortage with Westfield, New Jersey...

Why is Everyone Getting Sick? What is the Immunity Gap? Understanding the Viruses that are Going Around

This fall, it seems like everyone has been laid up with something. Physicians at CityMD urgent care, like Pamela Arsove, MD, say cases of RSV, the flu, the common cold...

Flu Shots and COVID Boosters: All Your Questions Answered

Summit Health’s Khushbu Taker-Desai, PharmD, BCACP, who specializes in ambulatory clinical pharmacy services, explains everything you need to know about this updated booster shot and this year’s flu vaccine. Find...

Should You Get the Flu Shot This Season?

Yes! Flu shots save lives! For healthy people, the flu may be a nuisance, so the shot can reduce your risk of getting ill and losing time from work or...

It's Not Always COVID-19: Other Communicable Illnesses to Watch For

As the fall equinox nears and we're still in the throes of the pandemic, it's important to remember that autumn and winter are also cold-and-flu season.

The Facts on Flu Shot Side Effects

The start of fall means the start of flu season. While the exact timing and duration of flu seasons can vary, influenza activity often begins to increase in October.

CBS Evening News Segment

With the start of flu season imminent and COVID-19 cases continuing, there’s concern among medical experts that the U.S. may face a “twindemic.”

What Your Respiratory Symptoms Could Mean

Fall doesn't just mark the arrival of stunning foliage, it's also the beginning of cold and flu season, which can last until early May. For some people, the transition from...

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