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Are You Stressed Out? Pause for a Moment. Take a Deep Breath… and Try Our Coping Tips.

Stress can affect anyone for numerous reasons. Learn about stress triggers, good stress, and stress management with New Providence cognitive behavior specialist Nicole Swain.

What is Raynaud’s Phenomenon? 10 Things You Should Know

Raynaud's Phenomenon occurs when areas of the body turn different colors due to stress or cold. Learn more about Raynaud's Phenomenon with Berkeley Heights rheumatologist Swosty Tuladhar, MD.

Stress and Brain Health

Modern-day life is full of stressors. And, feeling stressed out can wreak havoc on your brain. “We can’t avoid stress, but we can learn to reduce the amount of stress...

Could My Hair Loss Be Alopecia?

There are many reasons why hair loss occurs, from hormones to natural aging and genetics. If you notice bald spots about the size of a coin or are losing a...

The Connection Between Brain and Heart Health

With aging comes increasing concern about brain conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and stroke risk.

5 Facts About Acute Stress Disorder

Stress is one of the leading causes of health problems in the United States. Patients experiencing high stress levels, especially after experiencing a traumatic event, can develop further harmful health...

How to Treat a Stress Rash

The brain has powerful effects on the body, and prolonged stress, anxiety, and other factors can manifest in an unpleasant stress reaction. Add to that preexisting skin conditions, and you...

How Minimizing Stress Leads to a Healthier Life

For a lot of people, stress and anxiety interfere with their lives in some way. But one year into the pandemic, many people are experiencing it even more because of...

Missed your period? Here are some reasons why

A missed period can raise a number of questions and concerns.

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