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Don't Stay Still This Winter: Ways to Stay Active in the City

It's no fun spending time outside in the dead of winter. But you can still stay active. Learn more about tips for indoor exercise with Short Hills, New Jersey, physical...

Spring is Coming! Get Back into Your Workout Routine with Expert Tips

As the weather warms up and the sun sets later, you might be thinking about resuming a workout routine that fell by the wayside in winter.

The Proper Diet for a Healthy Colon

The colon, also known as the large intestine, is an essential part of your digestive tract. It plays the final role in digestion before the leftover material moves to the...

How to Prevent Altitude Sickness

Heading out for a family ski trip. Going hiking during school break. Sightseeing in a mountainous region. Your hotel is booked, and the itinerary is set. But one thing you...

Remember Your Own Heart This Valentine’s Day

Making heart-healthy lifestyle choices is critically important to overall cardiovascular health and can help prevent or slow the progression of heart disease.

The Connection Between Brain and Heart Health

With aging comes increasing concern about brain conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and stroke risk.

Time for Your Checkup - 12 Important Health Topics Covered at Your Physical

Only one in five adults comes in for an annual wellness visit each year. Yet regular physical exams are critical in preventing illness and identifying disease before it becomes a...

Why Dry January Has Its Drawbacks

You’ve probably heard someone talk about Dry January or going alcohol-free for one month.

Manage Your Health to Enjoy the Holidays

No matter how or where you celebrate it, the holiday season often brings a lot of tension and other negative effects to one’s health.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Thyroid Cancer

It has been an increasingly common tale in the endocrinology office of Ankur Modi, MD, over the past three years.

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