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All About Croup: Symptoms and Treatments

Croup is an infection of the upper airways, causing patients, more often children, to have a distinct cough. Learn more about croup symptoms, treatments, and how long croup lasts.

Got a Sore Throat? How to Get Relief

Thanks to high cases of RSV, the common cold, and COVID-19, sore throats are common this year. Learn more about sore throat symptoms, causes, and effective sore throat treatments.

Why Asthma Gets Worse in the Wintertime

There's no need to suffer from asthma symptoms this winter. Learn more about asthma symptoms, why asthma triggers in winter, and more with Fair Lawn, New Jersey, pulmonologist Dr. Raghunandan...

Why is Everyone Getting Sick? What is the Immunity Gap? Understanding the Viruses that are Going Around

This fall, it seems like everyone has been laid up with something. Physicians at CityMD urgent care, like Pamela Arsove, MD, say cases of RSV, the flu, the common cold...

Acute Bronchitis: A Pulmonologist Answers Your Questions

Acute bronchitis is a short-term condition when the bronchi become inflamed. Learn more about this condition with Livingston, New Jersey pulmonologist Dr. Daniel Laurie.

Common Winter Illnesses in Children and How to Prevent Them

It's that time of year again—the leaves are falling, and the kids are beginning to cough and sniffle. Unfortunately, the return to school brings a greater risk of contracting the most common winter illnesses...

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