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Summit Health is proud to recognize the 83 doctors representing 36 medical services and specialties who are featured in the 2020 November issue of New Jersey Monthly magazine “Top Doctors” listing.

For this year’s list of Top Doctors, New Jersey Monthly commissioned an independent survey by the research firm Leflein Associates.  A total of 25,339 New Jersey-based doctors were invited to give recommendations of the physicians they would choose to treat their own family members.

All New Jersey-based physicians who have been licensed by the state for at least five years received a questionnaire. The list was compiled from the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs and is the same list used by the state Board of Medical Examiners for licensing purposes.

Participants could either respond by filling in the questionnaire sent to them or by doing it online. Those who used the web survey had to enter their license number to prevent duplicate voting.

After checking for duplicates and eliminating all surveys from ineligible participants, the votes were counted and a preliminary list created. It was further winnowed down by eliminating any doctors with disciplinary actions on their record. The resulting list was given to a professional review panel, all of whom earned top placement in last year’s survey. The panel determined the final list of Top Doctors.