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Dear Summit CityMD Patient,

When our teams at CityMD and Summit Medical Group merged last year, we found strong common ground around our shared mission of Building Healthier, Kinder Communities.

The “healthier” part is pretty straightforward: We believe all people deserve the best healthcare possible and have a right to live a healthy, full, and productive life. The “kinder” part is what makes us unique: It’s embedded in how we treat you not just as patients, but as people.

I’ve thought a lot about the nature of kindness over the past two weeks as we’ve all seen painful reminders about how black people are often treated in this country. True kindness allows no room for racism, no room for violence and no room for the mistreatment of any of our fellow humans. Our team is proud and passionate about kindness, a diverse group of caregivers serving one of the most diverse groups of patients in the country. And it’s in that spirit that Summit CityMD stands in strong support of the peaceful protestors marching for justice and equity.

I come from a working-class family in East Flatbush, Brooklyn with deep immigrant roots. I want everyone to have the same opportunity that I had: a good education, the freedom to speak my mind and the ability to walk down the street safely. Above all, I want to live in a society where equality is guaranteed and none of us have to march for basic human rights. 

Moving forward, my promise to you is simple: Summit CityMD will continue to be a force for good in the communities we serve and support those that seek to create peaceful change.

Jeffrey Le Benger, MD
Summit CityMD