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Fevers in Adults: What You Should Know

Feed a cold, starve a fever? While that adage has long been debunked, here’s how to lower your fever at home – and when you should see a doctor.

What is Raynaud’s Phenomenon? 10 Things You Should Know

Raynaud's Phenomenon occurs when areas of the body turn different colors due to stress or cold. Learn more about Raynaud's Phenomenon with Berkeley Heights rheumatologist Swosty Tuladhar, MD.

Love is Life’s Best Medicine

Research has shown time and again that having social connections is essential to our overall health and well-being. A person that has love in their life — whether it be...

Primary Care Providers: The Key to Healthy Aging

No matter your age, a primary care physician can help patients detect and deal with health problems. Learn more about PCPs and how they help with healthy aging.

Alzheimer's Disease: Discerning Facts vs Fiction

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. Learn more about Alzheimer's disease, including common Alzheimer's myths and misconceptions

How to Get More Out of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) help you and your doctor monitor potential health problems at your yearly visits. Learn more about Medicare AWV, what's included in Medicare AWV, and how...

Preventive Care: It's Time To See Your Doctor

When was the last time you visited your primary care provider (PCP)? If it’s difficult to remember, it may be time to reevaluate your approach to health.

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