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Back to School: Mental Health in Children

Not all children look forward to going back to school. Learn more about mental health in children and how parents can spot anxiety, depression, and other factors affecting mental health.

Women’s Health Campaign

Women's Health Month is an important time to focus on your health. Learn more about the most prevalent women's health issues and how to address them.

Sensory Processing Disorder in Kids: What is SPD?

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects how the brain processes stimuli, causing severe discomfort. Is SPD autism? How do you treat SPD? Learn all about SPD with pediatric neurologist Leonid Topper...

Are You Stressed Out? Pause for a Moment. Take a Deep Breath… and Try Our Coping Tips.

Stress can affect anyone for numerous reasons. Learn about stress triggers, good stress, and stress management with New Providence cognitive behavior specialist Nicole Swain.

Mental Health: When to See a Primary Care Provider or Psychiatrist for Medication and Treatment

Mental health has become an important topic in our culture. But when should you see a primary care specialist for mental health medication at Summit Health? New Providence psychiatrist Cliff...

How to Be Social Again Post-COVID

As COVID-19 cases drop down to manageable numbers and vaccinated people take off their masks, you might have mixed feelings about re-entering society.

COVID-19 Learned Health Habits to Keep for Life

The COVID-19 outbreak made us rethink our daily routines, the roles each of us play in preserving public health, and much more. And while the future is still uncertain, it's...

COVID-19: How to Escape the Pandemic of Fear

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant fear amongst many. People have been stockpiling items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and non-perishable goods out of fear of quarantine or shortages. Businesses...

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