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Mental Health: When to See a Primary Care Provider or Psychiatrist for Medication and Treatment

Mental health has become an important topic in our culture. But when should you see a primary care specialist for mental health medication at Summit Health? New Providence psychiatrist Cliff...

How to Be Social Again Post-COVID

As COVID-19 cases drop down to manageable numbers and vaccinated people take off their masks, you might have mixed feelings about re-entering society.

COVID-19 Learned Health Habits to Keep for Life

The COVID-19 outbreak made us rethink our daily routines, the roles each of us play in preserving public health, and much more. And while the future is still uncertain, it's...

COVID-19: How to Escape the Pandemic of Fear

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant fear amongst many. People have been stockpiling items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and non-perishable goods out of fear of quarantine or shortages. Businesses...

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