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Back to School: Mental Health in Children

Not all children look forward to going back to school. Learn more about mental health in children and how parents can spot anxiety, depression, and other factors affecting mental health.

What Parents Need to Know About the Tylenol and Motrin Shortage

Flu season, mixed with outbreaks of RSV and COVID-19, make parents' jobs difficult. Especially with a Tylenol and Motrin shortage. Learn more about this nationwide shortage with Westfield, New Jersey...

Type 1 Diabetes: Two Children Share Their Stories Part One: The Road to Diagnosis

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that prevents the pancreas from making insulin. Hear about two New Jersey families as they learn about and treat type 1 diabetes with...

Why is RSV on the Rise? What Parents Should Know

RSV, a common respiratory illness that is the leading cause of hospitalization among infants, has been on the rise in the U.S. for several months now.

ADHD in Children: Steps for Getting Answers and Support

ADHD is a chronic behavior that makes certain behaviors difficult to engage with. Learn more about ADHD, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and more with Warren, New Jersey pediatric neurologist, Leonid Topper, MD.

Back-to-School Health: ABCs for Parents

School is back in session, and it's more important than ever to ensure your child is safe. Learn these crucial back-to-school safety tips to keep your child safe and healthy.

Choosing to Breastfeed Your Baby: How Lactation Services Can Help

Breast milk has numerous benefits for both the mother and baby compared to formula. Learn more about the challenges and benefits of breastfeeding and if it's right for you.

A Parent’s Guide to Common Pediatric Rashes

Allergic reactions. Viruses. Sun exposure. There are dozens of reasons why your child may suddenly break out in a rash. These outbreaks of bumps, hives, redness, or scaly areas on...

What to Expect at Baby’s First Doctor’s Visit

Welcoming a new baby is a time of joy and excitement. But for many, especially new parents, it is also a time of anxiety and stress.

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