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The JCC of Central New Jersey in Scotch Plains named Summit Health pediatrician Dr. Howard Kornfeld as its recipient of the Hineni Award for Outstanding Service. The award was presented to Dr. Kornfeld during the JCC’s Virtual Annual Meeting held on June 7, 2021 in recognition of his active membership, volunteerism, and service as both the school and camp physician and a two-term board member.

Among the many contributions that Dr. Kornfeld has made, he played an essential part in the JCC’s COVID-19 Task Force, which was responsible for setting protocols and ensuring a safe re-opening for the community. The JCC recognized Dr. Kornfeld’s unwavering guidance, support, and invaluable counsel throughout the pandemic. In a public statement on its website, the JCC further said, “Dr. Kornfeld has picked up every single phone call from us (and there were plenty), answered every one of our questions (plenty of those, too), and offered his thoughtful, expert advice as we strive to put the health and safety of our members and staff at the forefront of all that we do.”

During the virtual award presentation, Dr. Kornfeld accepted the award with this statement: “It is with great honor that I accept this award and this acknowledgement means so much to me. I was taught by my parents that Tikkun Olam is an important part of being Jewish. You participate in Tikkun Olam or ‘Repair the World’ by doing acts of kindness, giving Tzedakah, volunteerism, helping others, and working towards social justice. In other words, saying, ‘Here I Am’ and stepping up. It has been and continues to be my pleasure being associated with the JCC and giving back to everything the JCC has done for me and my family.”  

Congratulations, Dr. Kornfeld! Thank you for your service to our community and to the patients of Summit Health.

Dr. Howard Kornfeld