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We know being diagnosed with a heart condition can be life-changing. At Summit Health, we pride ourselves on giving you the long-term care you need to keep your heart beating for years to come.

Our Approach to Cardiology

Summit Health cardiologists and cardiac team are there for all your heart-related needs. We treat all forms of heart disease, including congestive heart failure, arrhythmia and heart valve disease.

Summit Health offers heart monitoring and cardiac testing to diagnose heart disease. And, if you have heart issues, we work with you to develop effective treatment and recovery plans to help you regain your health.

If you need heart surgery, we partner with outside hospitals to have a Summit Health cardiologist at the hospital for check-in after your procedure. And we continue to provide follow-up care after your surgery.

Cardiology Conditions We Treat

  • Aortic Aneurysm
  • Aortic Dissection
  • Aortic Stenosis
  • Arrhythmia
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Cardiomegaly
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Murmur
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Ischemia
  • Marfan Syndrome
  • Mitral Valve Prolapse
  • Pericarditis
  • Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Stent
  • Stroke
  • Syncope
  • Tachycardia

Cardiology Treatments and Services

  • Abnormal heart rhythm
  • Angina
  • Angiogram
  • Angioplasty
  • CT scan
  • Calcium Score Test
  • Cardiac Ablation
  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • Cardioversion
  • Chest X-ray
  • Echocardiogram
  • Electrophysiology
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD)
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Nuclear Stress Test
  • Pacemaker
  • Pediatric Cardiology
  • Stress Echo Test
  • Tilt Table Test
Summit Providers

Cardiology Providers

Summit Health cardiologists are accepting new patients and are here to offer full cardiac care as well as second opinions.

View Our Specialists

Why Choose Summit Health

  • Collaboration across Summit Health: Sometimes it can be challenging to know whether the symptoms you’re experiencing are due to a heart problem. That’s where Summit Health can help. With a full range of specialists who work closely together and share one electronic health record, we can make sure you get to the right provider — close to home.
  • Management of chronic heart conditions: Our heart care team includes nurses with critical care experience. When you call our office with a concern, they use this expertise to help you get the level of heart care you need quickly. Sometimes you need only a question answered about medications. Other times, you need more. They work with your physician to help you get what’s necessary to manage your situation — from testing to an office visit to emergency care. 
  • Arrhythmia expertise and treatment: Our electrophysiologists work with you to get your arrhythmia (or irregular heartbeat) under control. They use the latest implantable devices to either speed up or slow down your heart, such as a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). To reduce your risk for stroke, they perform left atrial appendage closure (e.g., with the Watchman device) to treat atrial fibrillation. Your treatment will depend on your symptoms and how much they affect your quality of life and risk for stroke and other health issues. 
  • Collaboration with cancer team: For patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy, we work closely with the Summit Health cancer team to monitor your heart during treatment. We have special echocardiogram testing (known as strain imaging) to check for early signs of damage to your heart that can occur with chemo or radiation. 
  • Partnering with outside hospitals for bypass surgery and TAVR: As part of your ongoing cardiac care, we evaluate your need for cardiac surgery and other procedures. For example, if a nuclear stress test indicates you need a bypass, we partner with several outside hospitals. This allows you to pick the one most convenient to you. We do the same for TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement) procedures to treat aortic stenosis. Our cardiologists will check in on you in the hospital and continue your follow-up care at Summit Health. 

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